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There is a common misconception about plaster that’s been going around for years. Many people believe that their walls are made of plaster, but that’s not true. Plaster is a coating that is applied on the drywall in order to increase protection or add a decorative, textured finish to the wall. Plaster alone is weak and not strong enough to be used as an actual building material, and is often used solely for decorative purposes. If you’d like professional San Diego plaster services to your drywall, call our company to get the job done today.

Our top drywall contractors in San Diego are your best choice for getting a proper plastering job done on your drywall. Plastering requires patience and a steady hand. Over or under application of plaster can have a negative effect on the look of your walls, so it’s good to rely on the work of a professional. Plaster is used to cover up and smooth out the seams that are left behind in drywall installation. Plaster also opens up a lot of doors for different styles on your walls. Go for a smooth finish or a textured, old-world feel. Anything is possible with San Diego, CA professional plastering!

Professional Drywall Plastering Services in San Diego, California
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Residential Plastering Services in San Diego CA

Plaster has many uses for decoration in your home. Alone, plaster is weak and brittle, but reinforced by wood or metal can make the opportunities of plaster endless. Molding decorations are often achieved with plaster that has been pre set offsite in the desired shape. Crown molding, coffered ceilings and many more designs can be achieved by using plaster. Plaster can also be applied for little cover ups and touch ups during home renovation and San Diego drywall installation.

Our professional residential drywall contractors in San Diego, California work with top-quality materials in order to give you the best product possible. We only use the highest quality plaster mix to prepare our plaster either at the job or offsite. When we add water to the plaster mix, the mix reacts with water and turns into a spreadable paste. Our contractors are provided with every tool they need to apply the plaster properly. When plaster dries, the area in contact can get very hot, over sixty degrees Celsius. Plaster can be dangerous, and care should be taken during application. Have peace of mind and avoid accidents by trusting a professional.

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Plaster has many uses in and around your residential or commercial property. Decorative molding and exterior stucco work are all achieved with the use of plaster. To get the most out of your next plastering job, call our top San Diego plaster contractors to do the job right. There are a lot of steps that go into proper plastering, including preparing the drywall to be coated and using the right ratios of mix and water when preparing plaster. To cut the confusion and get affordable drywall services in San Diego, CA, call our company today!