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Honestly, I am just going to start by saying that sheetrock… is drywall. I know, I know. You are looking at me like I am crazy because we all know that sheetrock and drywall are about as different as hot and cold. When you think about it though, how different are hot and cold really? An excessive amount of either can cause some real serious damage to your body or your home or… anything… except water, maybe… anyway! The point is that they are the same the only difference is like how only the people apart of the National Association of Realtors, can call themselves realtors. Everyone else is just a real estate agent. You get it? Or like the difference between Bounty and paper towels. The term ‘sheetrock’ is like a brand name for drywall and lots of people prefer it simply because it is branded and seems safer; I don’t know. Ah, also, when you get sheetrock you can request a special type that has more chemicals such as fire-resistant panels or mold and water-resistant panels, etc. So, now that you understand that they are practically interchangeable, I’ll tell you all about sheetrock repair and installation!

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Sheetrock Repair and Installation in San Diego, CA.

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Sheetrock is pretty simple to repair and install. At the same time, sheetrock is pretty easy to mess up and you can have a job that looks like a stuffed animal did it for you. If you do not want that, then you need to call a San Diego drywall company that can install it correctly and also repair it when it is necessary. Who better to call than us? Our drywall contractors are the best and they understand some basic repair strategies such as using three or four thin coats of compound and leaving sanding for the final coat.

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Our drywall contractors San Diego, CA are very knowledgeable and very professional; they understand the importance of checking the wall for any obstructions before beginning the process. Let us just say for instance that a person was scrolling through their favorite search engine and stumbled upon a drywall company in San Diego, CA that looked… okay. Honestly, they were tired of searching through all of those companies for one that would just come and fix up their sheetrock, I mean, how hard is it really? Well, that company just came by and in no way, shape, or form tried to watch out for the outlet that as right next to the spot hat needed repair. So, now they not only have to pay for someone to fix the sheetrock repair job that they did because there is spackle everywhere and the wall is a mess; they also have to call an electrician to come and turn their home or business back on. Do you see how this is a problem? Trust me, when you need to go with some sheetrock contractors in San Diego, CA, go with ours. We can guarantee that this scenario will never happen to you!

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Professional Sheetrock Repair in San Diego, CA.